Updated Friday / Monday Schedule

Due to the PG&E power outage and the resulting closure of school, Kirby will have a modified schedule on Friday, October 11th and Monday, October 14th. This will help us to recoup lost class time and return to the normal course cycle.

FRIDAY OCTOBER 11TH SCHEDULE (70 minute periods)
Period 5: 8:30-9:40am
Period 6: 9:45-10:55am
Snack break: 10:55-11:05am
Period 7: 11:05am-12:15pm

We are making up all of the missed Drug Ed from today by adding the following:
Period 5: 7th grade Drug Ed (additional details to follow)
Period 6: 8th grade Drug Ed as previously scheduled
Period 7: 11th grade Drug Ed
After school: 12th grade Drug Ed as previously scheduled (12:45-2:30pm)

Release times:
6th-10th grade – 12:15pm
11th grade – 12:30pm
12th grade – 2:30pm

MONDAY OCTOBER 14TH SCHEDULE (85 minute periods–a normal Tuesday/Thursday schedule)
Period 0: 7:30-8:20am
Tutorial: 8:25-8:50am
Period 1: 8:55-10:20am
Period 2: 10:30-11:55am
Lunch: 11:55-12:35pm
Period 3: 12:35-2:00pm
Period 4: 2:10-3:35pm

Schedules will also be posted around school. Questions about the schedule may be addressed to Evelyn Brown.