Students Record Professional CD

“Lift every voice and sing,” wrote James Weldon Johnson nearly 120 years ago as a celebration song honoring Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.

Today, Kirby School Chamber Singers’ voices waft jubilantly through the halls of 425 Encinal Street as they rehearse their ambitious project in one of the best acoustic spaces in the school; the Kirby lobby.


They have undertaken the aspirational task of recording their own CD this year. This endeavor requires commitment, dedication to the craft, and diving fearlessly into new musical territory.

Recording an entire CD will call upon each student to perform at their best, pushing them into the demanding world of professional music performance. Recording a CD with professional instrumentation–a string quintet–as this project involves, opens the door to exciting choral-orchestral repertoire, raising the bar of each individual performer and the entire ensemble. Professional musicians offer students the opportunity to perform more complex pieces; choral work most students have not had a chance to sing. Voices will be lifted as they rise to the challenge!

Their recording session occurs on December 2 with pre-sales of their CD starting at the Winter Music Concert on December 9. The string quintet will accompany Kirby students at the Winter Music Concert. This is a first for Kirby School and a not to be missed opportunity. We hope you’ll join us on December 9 for this inspiring celebration and purchase your own copy of Kirby Chamber Singers first ever CD! Here’s a short clip of one of their rehearsals-enjoy!


At Kirby School, we believe creative expression is fundamental to the human experience and that work in the arts enhances learning in all areas of education.