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Award-winning print journalism, multimedia journalism, student fiction and nonfiction.

Every discipline at Kirby — from Art to Wellness — gives students opportunities to write. And in classes averaging 12 students, our faculty can assign writing more frequently than teachers elsewhere.

In and out of class, Kirby students hone their skills: they published an award-winning school newspaper, INK, from 2006-2012. INK was regularly recognized by the Columbia School of Journalism, the National Scholastic Press Association, and Quill & Scroll for its quality reporting.

As digital technology has grown, storytelling has evolved. Journalists must push beyond print copy to stay competitive. They now perform in radio, video, live streams and more. Kirby offers Multimedia Journalism to students to build off of our award-winning publications experience while teaching an understanding of creating multimedia and digital media ethics.

Students are also invited to participate in Interrobang, Kirby’s fiction journal, and The Acorn, Kirby’s nonfiction publication. Interrobang is a product of the Literary Magazine club advised by Dr. Caballero-Robb. The all-student staff reads submissions and select the best student work to produce two issues per year. The Acorn is the product of Kirby’s Nonfiction Journal club advised by Dr. Brooks. Like its fiction counterpart, The Acorn’s all student staff selects nonfiction work which is published each semester.

Recent INK Articles

INK Awards


  1. Next to Normal

    by Zoe Gregozek, Adrianna Brock, Ry Faraola, Acacia Lommen-Nelson, and Lucy Saldavia


  1. Pieces of the Puzzle

    by Ruth Talbot, Emma Stokes, Shevawn Torr, and Ben Herken


  1. Hot Water

    by Eva Cover and Jake Dolgenos


  1. Not a Talking Day

    by Eva Cover
  2. Fractured Focus

    by Steven Talbot, Alex Pieros, and Amy Rosenberg
  3. Red Alert

    by Alex Pieros


  1. The Road to Tanzania

    by Natty Hawley and Amy Rosenberg
  2. One Bite at a Time

    by Natty Hawley
  3. Queer Factor

    by Aurora Quinn Elmore


  1. Two Moms are Better than One

    by Elisabeth Deogracias
  2. Talkin' 'bout Me Generation

    by Victor Minden and Mariko Powers
  3. Eat This!

    by Naomi Barshi, Elisabeth Deogracias, Zach Geske, Bonnie Horgos, Victor Minden, Dirk Orser, and Moreah Walker. Reporting assistance from Alison Maupin, Mona Moraru, and Olivia Murphy,

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