Student Life / Clubs & Activities

Students at Kirby always “dream big” and their imaginations are brought to life in countless activities and events. Some are just plain silly or fun. Some are educational. Some promote friendships and collaboration. Many contribute to our local or world community.

Students host movie nights, spirit days, and dances including a middle school formal and high school prom. They invite guest speakers. Any student can start a club—they range from the traditional to the obscure, the serious to the sublime. Over the years they have included Junior Statesmen of America, Games Club, the Gay/Straight Alliance, Environmental Club, Chess Club, Bridge Club, Baseball Club, Anime Club, Accelerated Math Circle, Ethics Bowl,  Surf Club, Golf Club, and Sailing Club. In any given year, there are over a dozen clubs to choose from.

Students in grades 6 through 12 who are elected to Student Council gain leadership, organizing and team-building skills and plan and coordinate weekly “All School Meetings.” This is where Kirby students, faculty and staff comes together as community. Musicians, dancers and actors perform on stage in a wide range of performances. Every student is given an opportunity to share their skills, talents, and energy as part of our vibrant community.

2016-2017 Clubs

Accelerated Math Circle (HS)

Advisor: Chris Jackson
The goal of the accelerated math circle is to both prepare students who wish to compete for the American Mathematics Competition, and to provide mathematics enrichment for students who want more time to engage in mathematics. Upon completing a minimum number of hours and giving a brief presentation on a topic of interest, the student will also receive 1 unit of high school math credit. The club will need to have at least some time outside of the club time in order to meet the minimum number of hours.

Art Club

Advisor: Tuesday Soetaert
Art Club provides students opportunities, guidance, camaraderie, and materials for independent and collaborative creative work. Members pursue their own visual art interests and participate in student-led local and international projects. Open to all grade levels.

Book Club

Advisors: Jason Brooks and Alex Doble
Book Club is a group that gathers weekly to discuss and read all types of literature including, but not limited to, novels, plays, poems, and short stories. All grades welcome and sub-groups will be tailored to the people who are part of the club. The club meets in Dr. Brooks’ room occasionally during club time and will meet at lunch during the week depending on times people are free.

Cabaret Club

Advisor: John Seales
The Kirby Cabaret Club’s purpose is to celebrate and showcase Kirby’s abundant musical talent. We’ll use Friday’s club time to plan and assign roles for throwing fun and entertaining Cabaret events. Club members will develop skills in marketing and managing performing arts events. High school students are welcome to attend.

Chess Club

Advisor: Erik Perkins
Chess club focuses on playing for fun, both competitively and just goofing around. All ages and skill levels are invited. We can even play “bughouse” (team chess) if we get enough interested players.

Community Involvement

Advisor: Lis Bensley
Students will find ways to make a difference in their community by researching opportunities and then volunteering together at local organizations that provide services in support of others. We’ll kick off with a service fair, bringing a few different organizations to Kirby to hear about what they do. Areas of volunteer work could include tutoring, animal care, art with younger students, and reading and games with older people.

Environmental Club

Advisors: Jasper Billings and Melody Overstreet
A hands-on service learning club where the focus is on reducing Kirby’s environmental footprint, maintaining and advancing our rooftop garden, and participating in ecologically-minded community events.

FPV Drone Club

Advisor: Yakira Landaverry
Drone club is for anyone and everyone. Through hands on work we build, fly, and crash R.C. models, and in this process find better understandings how the world works. Using everyday materials and DIY attitude there is nothing that cannot fly, or fall. Drone club stresses how failure is always an option, however failure is just another starting point for creative thought and problem solving.  

 Ethics Bowl

Advisor: Kirstin Olsen
We debate contemporary issues of ethics using a variety of philosophical schools and compete against other high-school teams from northern California. Kirby’s team has been very successful in its three years and has twice sent a team to nationals.

Garden Club

Advisor: Melody Overstreet
In this club we will deepen our understanding and connection with seeds, soil, plants, water, and compost. We will grow and tend to a diverse array of plants (ranging in uses from food, fiber, dye, to ornamental), and will have many hands-on opportunities to beautify our Rooftop space through sustainable gardening practices.

GSA (Gay-Straight-Alliance)

Advisor: Carolina Martinez
A safe-space for those wanting to discuss LGBTQ issues in the Kirby community, or greater society. You don’t need to identify as LGBTQ to join. It’s a space for allies as well!

Happy Shiny Fun Club

Advisor: Laura Lucas
We are basically a sunshine committee. We spread joy and happiness throughout Kirby. We acknowledge and celebrate accomplishments achieved by our school and our students. From time to time we will host lunchtime/afterschool FUN activities, in the interest of spreading cheer and school spirit. We enjoy helping our fellow community members and like to be involved in making Kirby an awesome school.

Improv Club

Advisor: Peter Myers
Improv, or improvisation, is a form of live theatre in which the plot, characters and dialogue of a game, scene or story are made up in the moment. In this club we will train to do just that . . . and you will get to make people laugh.  If you are interested in theater and/or comedy, please join us!

Interrobang, the Literary Magazine

Advisor: Maria Elena Caballero-Robb
The all-student staff of Interrobang reads submissions of poetry, fiction, and literary nonfiction (e.g. the personal essay) and selects the best student work to produce two issues of the magazine per year (one per semester). We welcome submissions from both middle school and high school students. We welcome new prospective staff members! Anyone with a strong interest in reading and writing should come to a meeting and see what we do.

JSA (Junior State of America)

Advisor: Kevin Campbell 
In addition to weekly meetings, this club engages in three weekend overnight conferences: Fall State, Winter Congress, and Spring State. Each conference has a slightly different theme, but students will be required to engage in the conference activities such as formal debates, bill proposals, and political party caucuses. The mission of the Junior State of America and the Junior Statesmen Foundation (JSA) is to strengthen American democracy by educating and preparing high school students for life-long involvement and responsible leadership in a democratic society. In the student-run Junior State and at JSA summer schools and summer institutes, participants learn statesmanship as they engage in political discourse. They cultivate democratic leadership skills, challenge one another to think critically, advocate their own opinions, develop respect for opposing views and learn to rise above self-interest to promote the public good.

Minecraft Club

Advisors: Amy Hemmert and Hilary Brennan
The Minecraft Club meets during regular club time. We talk about and play Minecraft together and share our Minecrafting experiences. Minecraft is a video game which allows you to build, craft, and survive in a virtual wilderness together with your friends. The game fosters cooperation and collaboration and teaches basic science and survival skills. The Redstone System in the game provides direct experience working with basic electronics. The command system promotes logical thinking and exposes students to programming concepts. The Minecraft Club can also act as an icebreaker for those who prefer not to have a direct social experience during club time. Must have a Minecraft login to participate. Open to all. Limited to 15 members (due to the number of computers in the lab).

Pokemon Club

Advisor: Sathvika Ashok
The main objective of the Pokemon Trading Game club is to provide a space for Pokemon enthusiasts to play the trading card game, occasionally participate in bracket tournaments and to discuss the finer points of the current meta game. It is also an opportunity for students to flex their brains as they attempt to formulate the best strategies to help them defeat their opponents by quickly computing the damage, defense and worth of each card in their deck. All grades are welcome, but attendees must bring their own deck of cards!

Poetry and Craft Club

Advisor: Kendra Hanson
We will meet on the couches in the dance studio and will casually read old books and cut them up to make poetry and other crafts. Also, tea time and potentially muffins could be a part of this arrangement. You don’t have to come every club time, just when you want to.

Pogonip Club

Advisor: Joshua Tropp
We take advantage of the 640 acre Pogonip Open Space adjacent to campus to hike, relax by the creek, and work on projects like the “Outdoor Classroom” available for all classes to use. Students are welcome to join weekly or just occasionally when they need to “get away from it all” and have a peaceful moment in nature. We meet in the lobby at the start of club time and are out for ~30 minutes. Comfortable walking shoes and a water bottle are recommended. Open to all grades.

Science Olympiad Club

Advisor: Monica Hernandez
Explore your love for science and represent Kirby! Science Olympiad is a club at schools all over the country, and now Kirby is joining in the fun. Science Olympiad is open to 6th-9th graders. Up to 15 students can form a team but there can only be four 9th grade spots. Our club meets once every two weeks at lunch. We’ll be competing at a fun regional tournament in March. 

Strategy/Board/Card Games Club

Advisor: Monica Hernandez
Come and play board games, strategy games etc. Get away from technology for a while and interact socially while developing problem solving and strategy skills, and just enjoying yourself!

Student IT Team

Advisor: Erik Perkins
Less a club and more of a Kirby-service organization, the student IT team supports the computer infrastructure of Kirby. We fix computers, install software, help with printers and projectors, manage the chromebook carts, and various other IT tasks than keep the school’s technology effective.

World Music Club

Advisor: Emily Hose
The World Music Club creates an environment for listening to and discussing exotic music from all around the globe. Special opportunities often arise enabling club members to actually touch and play unique Middle Eastern instruments such as the oud, tombak, and santoor. Music is an international language that is understood by every human and at the World Music Club, we aim to gain a deeper understanding of it.

Yearbook Club

Advisor: Faith Reid
Join the Yearbook Club for a chance to make memories that will last a lifetime. Design, arrange, take pictures, interact with Kirby students and faculty. Be a part of history!