Retreats for the 2019-2020 School Year

One of our signature programs and an exciting Kirby tradition is the fall retreat. Retreats help establish a positive social climate and build connections between students and faculty. As a school that builds our success on partnership and community, we believe that these experiences help students cultivate meaningful relationships with their peers and teachers.

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Kirby faculty serve as retreat leaders on these experiences and in some cases we work with an outside agency to coordinate logistics and equipment.

We’re excited to share the location for our 2019-2020 retreats:

12th Grade
Sequoia Kings Canyon Backpacking 8/25-8/30 (5 nights)
Leader: Jasper Billings
Camping, backpacking, reflection and team building in Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park

11th Grade
Washington, D.C. 8/25-8/30 (5 nights)
Leader: Kirstin Olsen and Eva Schewe
Student-led immersive travel experience to enrich our understanding of history, government and citizenship, and prepare for the upper-level social studies curriculum

10th Grade
Alabama and Georgia 8/24-8/28 (4 nights)
Leader: Carolina Martinez
Immersive travel experience to the American Deep South where we will engage in our living history, visiting important sites of the Civil Rights Movement to learn about and celebrate diversity and promote cross-cultural understanding

9th Grade
Backpacking in Big Basin with Positive Adventures 8/27-8/30 (3 nights)
Leader: Graham Ortiz
Group activities, hiking, and 1 night of backpacking in Big Basin State Park

8th Grade
Rafting, hiking, camping and learning conflict resolution skills at the American River with ETC Adventures  8/26-8/29 (3 nights)
Leader: Travis Coleman
Group activities, camping, and two days of rafting on the American river.

7th Grade
Sea kayaking at Angel Island with ETC Adventures 8/25-8/28 (3 nights)
Leader: Petter Bauer
Kayaking, hiking, and group activities on Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay

6th Grade
Cabin camping and ropes course in Scotts Valley 8/27-8/29 (2 nights)
Leaders: Damara Ganley and Josh Tropp
A ropes course and group activities facilitated by The Mosaic Project at the Redwood Glen Camp

General questions about retreats may be directed to Jasper Billings. Specific questions about a grade level retreat may be directed to the grade level leader.