Paul Richards Memorial Fund

Paul Richards, class of 2009, was a tall, blond sports lover and all-around nice guy.  He graced the Kirby hallways with a smile on his face and a positive attitude. Paul was a dedicated student and a talented athlete. His many accomplishments include being featured on KION as the Scholar Athlete of the Week. Paul was an inspiration to everyone who knew him and a shining light within the Kirby community.

In April 2010, Paul Richards died tragically in an automobile accident, sending a wave of sadness throughout the Kirby community.

Friend and classmate, Josh Cottrell-Schloemer said of Paul, “For me, what made Paul so incredibly special was his altruism.  I have never known someone who gave so freely, and supported those around him unconditionally.  He would give help without a second thought and was happy to simply have an opportunity to lend a hand.  He was the most dedicated friend you could ask for, sometimes to the point of being a bit silly and ridiculous.”

In 2010, Paul’s Kirby friends and fellow alumni created the Paul Richards Memorial Scholarship, knowing that Paul would have wanted to help students who embody the values he stood for. Each spring this scholarship is presented to a student who shares Paul’s exceptional qualities as a scholar athlete and powerful altruistic spirit.

Paul, we remember you with open hearts, and we thank you for the joy you continue to bring to our lives.