Multisensory learning: 6th grade science

Learning that involves many senses creates deeper connection to the content being learned. Seeing fire burn in real life, of turf we dug up, created a dramatic outdoor learning experience students will remember.

During their Fire and Forests Unit in science, our 6th grade students learned about strategies and techniques for fighting fires, or for letting them burn according to natural cycles.

We had help from a local firefighter, a Kirby alumni, who helped them experience firsthand how quickly fire can spread.

Two Kirby alumni, Ian Jones and Zach Ackermann, serve our community as part of the Felton Fire Protection force. Firefighter Ackemann visited Kirby to talk with students about wildfires. After his presentation, and some very astute questions by our class, we went outside to see how a grass fire burns.

Using a patch of grass and earth from our own campus which we moved to the blacktop for safety, we saw how quickly dried grasses catch and just how fast flames move across light, flash fuels.

We returned the charred (and cooled) patch of turf to its original location. Moving forward, we’ll periodically observe how the burnt ground recovers, and how the plants in our specific local habitat are able to return and regrow.

This exciting experience is one of many hands on learning experiences happening at Kirby School.