Kirby Student Releases CD: Child of Kuumbwa

By Lucas ’16

Attending Kirby has allowed me to grow musically on the piano in ways that most schools cannot. The flexibility and support from the Kirby community is priceless, and I’ve benefited in many ways by attending.

This year has been exciting! I’ve had the chance to study music with multiple distinguished jazz artists, some of whom are Grammy winners and nominees, such as Taylor Eigsti, Geoffrey Keezer, Pascal Le Boeuf, and Jeff Ballard. On a few occasions, I’ve had to miss some school to make it to these lessons, but the faculty is always understanding, which makes it easier to catch up on my schoolwork. I’ve also had the chance to lead my own trio with two amazing musicians: Dan Robbins (bass), and Jake Shandling (drums). These two are some of the best musicians in the whole bay area, and I’ve already learned so much from playing with them. We recently recorded some of my original material, and plan to release it on June 7 with a show at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center. In the process of writing and recording this material for the CD, I’ve also been able to earn school credit as part of an independent studies class, another benefit I wouldn’t have been able to get anywhere else.

Overall, being a student at Kirby has been an amazing experience, and I’m looking forward to three more years of it!