Kirby School Recreation Area

Kirby School is undergoing a Capital Campaign to build a recreation area–coming Fall 2019–which will complete our campus. Our goal is to raise $1.275 million dollars.

Prior to becoming a school in 2006, our facility was a commercial office. While our interior has been thoughtfully re-designed into student-centric learning areas, our campus is not complete.

We know students achieve better outcomes when they break during the day to go outside for fresh air; to be spontaneous and creative. There is a positive relationship between exercise and physical movement–both structured and unstructured–on focus, performance, and healthy sleep rhythms. Having ample opportunities to be outside, to play, to learn, to socialize is just as important for adolescent development as core curriculum.

An outdoor recreation area, with a sport court, amphitheater, learning spaces, and places for our community to share meals will provide a safe, engaging and convenient space to recreate. A space to take breaks, to play together, to let off steam, to calm and center, and to build relationships is an essential component of Kirby School.

Investing in outdoor space to incorporate more movement into everyday learning will support the emotional, physical, and intellectual well-being of all of our students.

“There is no better indication of the presence of a school than a recreation area, an outdoor community space, and no better indication of the maturity and longevity of a school’s presence in our community than an investment in its campus. Students need a place to move, convene, and learn just as a community needs a communal gathering space.”

– Rowland Rebele, Santa Cruz Resident & Community Advocate

Kirby School is attuned to our students’ needs and responsive to their growth and development. Completing our campus by constructing a recreation area will give our students a space of their own to cultivate the student culture that we have grown to love at Kirby. (View a large rendering of the Recreation Area)

We need your support! Click here to donate now. Or contact Sandie Shoemaker, 831-423-0658 x 224 to learn more. Join us at our Completing our Campus Kickoff Party on January 9, 2019.