Fun at the 4th Annual Alumni Reception

We had a wonderful time at the 4th annual Alumni Reception! With over 60 alumni in attendance, spanning the classes of 1998 to 2012, fun was had by all! The food was delicious and the conversations were vibrant. Lots of alumni realized they could attend at the last minute and we were so happy they came. One alumnus, Joaquin Nagle, happened to run into one of his old classmates on Pacific Ave, on his way to the event, and he decided to pop in. What a serendipitous encounter!We were lucky enough to rope in a few faculty alumni, too, including Tamara Pomm, Brij Lunine and Kathleen Genco. It was great to see everyone catching up on the last few months or even the last decade. If you made it this year, we were so glad you could attend, and for those of you that couldn’t, we hope to see you at next years event!

Brianna James-Beckham and Eli Davis and a guest

Joe Poirot and David Goldman


Cassandra Babcock and Rachel Keynton

Orian’s guest, Debbie, Orian Senter, Ms. Pomm/Austin and Kyle Carbert

Alexa Shoemaker and Jane Esberg

Reuben Saunders, Ben Herken and Robin Stevens

Tovah Keynton, Leah Rubin, Emma Richter and her guest

JJ Anderson, Reese Tozier, Jolie Witten-Hannah, Rueben Saunders, Josh Kater, Ben Herken and Robin Stevens

Gary Young, Heidi Schindler and Kathleen Genco

Arishna Patel and Sierra Farquhar