Faculty / Kendra Hanson

Teaching Duties: Fitness, Wellness and Human Development Department Head, Math and SELPH Teacher

Extension: x255

Departments: Math, Fitness, Wellness, & Human Development

Kendra completed a triple Major at L.U. in Education, Fine Arts and Religion. She also studied applied mathematics as part of her Education undergrad program. After graduating, she studied mathematics under Jo Boaler at Stanford University and continues study as a member of the MBAMP (Monterey Bay Area Math Professionals), taking seminars and courses at UCSC under Judith and Richard Montgomery. Kendra has trained in wellness programs across the state. In 2016-17, she received a grant to participate in a yearlong training in Inclusive Human Sexuality here in Santa Cruz. Originally from the central valley, Kendra enjoys the offerings of Santa Cruz; hiking, swimming, playing music and spending time in the community and outdoors. She is passionate about creativity, movement, music and collaboration.


  • B.A., Education, Fine Arts, and Religion, Liberty University

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