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Canning with Mima

Learn the art of preserving and canning with our own French teacher, Mima Lecocq, whose Swiss mother was the founder and original owner of La Farine Bakery in Berkeley and taught Mima canning skills as a child.

Mima still uses the impressive copper pot to make products and will be using it for lessons. Included will be a discussion of canning principles with cultural origins (French in particular) and variations while addressing spontaneous new recipes with fruits and vegetables that are at hand. One savory and one sweet concoction will be made in conjunction with client’s desires. This event will take place at school with all equipment, recipes, and ingredients provided.

Date: To be arranged with donor
Cost: $100 per person
Spaces: Limited to 12 people

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Mushroom Hunting with Mr. Campbell

Are you a fungophile? Do you enjoy walking in the rain? Are you looking for a fun, family friendly outdoor activity during the wet winter months? If so, it’s time to go mushroom hunting!

Learn more about our local wild fungi on a guided foray with fungi enthusiast and Kirby teacher Kevin Campbell. We will spend time hunting, examining, collecting, and with any luck eating some of the world’s most delectable fungi. We will discuss the mythological, medicinal, and culinary qualities of fungi, learn quick tips on how to differentiate between toxic and edibles, and discuss the basic taxonomy and anatomy of our local fungi. We will also get some good exercise, get our fingers dirty, and play!

Location will be somewhere in SC County, specifics depend on the recent weather patterns and season. This will be approximately a 4-hour event including travel time, and the foray is expected to take place next fall/winter as this season is mostly over for prime edibles.

Date: To be arranged with donor (likely a Saturday or Sunday next fall/winter)
Cost: $125 per person
Spaces: Limited to 20 people

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Perfumer’s Apprentice with Dr. Landaverry

Have you ever wondered how a perfume is created? Come join Dr. Yakira Landaverry (Kirby Chemistry Teacher) for an afternoon of fragrance nirvana.

You will be creating a unique blend of scents using oils and extracts. History and chemical background of the molecules that are responsible for emanating some of the most wonderful aromas will also be provided. You will convene at the Perfumer’s Workshop of Perfumer’s Apprentice at 1PM located in Scotts Valley.

Surprise your friends or loved ones by giving them the experience of their lives by having them create their own special scent/fragrance.

Date: Saturday, April 23rd, 2016 at 1pm
Cost: $150 per person
Spaces: Limited to 12 people

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