Disputandum: Kirby students debate The Aeneid

Was Aeneas’ arrival in Italy a homecoming or an invasion? Was the conflict between the Trojans and the Latins a result of civil war or Imperialism?

These questions were the topics of debate last week concerning Virgil’s epic poem, The Aeneid. To prepare their arguments, English 11/12 students carefully read and annotated the book and worked in teams to craft their best positions.

They came well-prepared! In delivering their arguments, Dr. Broooks’ students’ level of analysis showed an emphasis on careful interpretation of the text. Those who were tasked with arguing against their actual belief did so convincingly and with attention to debate protocol. The rebuttals evidenced perceptive listening skills that brought to bear the importance of context and counter-evidence. Students displayed a passionate investment in their approaches, as well as active and supportive teamwork.

Students carried on a spirited discussion even after the formal debate, continuing to demonstrate deep understanding of the text, passion for the topic, and a determination to express their true beliefs.

debate_12 debate_13 debate_14