Departments / Humanities

The Humanities Division at Kirby includes the English and the History Departments. Both departments reinforce critical thinking skills, analytic reading skills, and expository and creative writing skills. The development of writing skills is a primary objective in every English course. By graduation we expect our students to produce meaningful, well-written and well-developed papers that demonstrate organization in their ideas and arguments. Language skills are cultivated through the teaching of vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and oral expression. In addition to stressing writing and language skills, courses engage students in the study of great works of literature. The study of history is global in its approach and grounded in the chronological study of human activities from ancient times to the present. History courses cover dates of battles and exploits of kings, but students also study the religious beliefs, philosophical values, aesthetic sensibilities, and the cultural norms of each era and place. Furthermore, the histories of those traditionally "without history" -- the women, the children, the poor, and cultures outside of the mainstream -- are studied to provide a fuller sense of human endeavor.