Chinese New Year: the Year of the Dog

Happy Chinese New Year! We celebrate the Lunar New Year this week with a presentation at All School Meeting by student Yanwen Xu and a special feast prepared by Kirby chefs, Tracy Landry and Jaynell Aggrey.

It is the Year of the Dog and so it seems appropriate that we begin this year with an appreciative look at our faculty’s furry family; Kirby’s canine kin. People born under the sign of the Dog, according to Chinese folklore, possess traits associated with the species. Here’s a closer look at our community’s friendly, loyal, and even hardworking pets…

Michelle Douglas
Lark is my Bernese Mountain Dog friend and farm worker. She has her ‘work clothes’ on, about to help me on the farm. She pulls a cart, helping me deliver feed and water to the chickens and goats when I have them pastured on the farther reaches of the property.  When she is off duty, her favorite games are tug-of-war and keep-away with me and wrestling with her two other canine buddies.

Emily Lamoureux
Lily is an English Springer Spaniel. She is 9 years old and we have had her since she was 8 weeks old. Lily is like our first born child, we love spoiling her. When she isn’t busy barking at the mailman, she enjoys playing fetch with her ball, running on the beach, and going for walks off of her leash.  Sometimes I think that she thinks she is a second mother to my son Jack. She follows him everywhere and sleeps outside his bedroom door every night.

Jessa Kirk
Roo is technically not my dog, but I borrow her from my parents all the time. She likes carrots and she hates gophers.

Lisa Lee
This is my dad’s dog, Reina. For years and until about a month ago, she hated me–barked, nipped, stayed at a distance. Now…well…you can see. I’m her favorite person. She loves peanut butter–the one thing we certainly have in common.

Stephenie Dekking
This is my boy Dash. He’s a 10 year old Australian cattle dog.  He’s my shadow, Velcro to every step I take, ridiculously smart, and the LOVE of my life. He loves to be with me where ever I go, he loves running trails in the mountains and he loves to eat. If he could talk, the one thing he would say is “I could eat!”

Heidi Schindler
This is Santo! He makes life better. We take this walk every morning and he delights in it every time! He was dognapped this summer in Colorado and thankfully returned.

Alex Koppel
This is Harrison and his favorite thing to do is play with other dogs at the beach!

Evelyn Brown
Pinky is a chihuahua mix. She’s a rescue from Peace of Mind Dog Rescue in Pacific Grove. She loves to snuggle in blankets and hunt spiders.

Tovah Keynton
This is Panda. Her tongue is too long for her mouth, so it’s almost always sticking out. Her favorite things are going to the beach and regulating the squirrels in the backyard. Her least favorite things are folding laundry (she’ll hide in the bathroom) and the sound of the coffee grinder. She starts running around and whining as soon as she hears the bag crinkle and the beans rattle!

Paige Berardo
“What’s your dog going to be when it grows up?” a neighbor walking a larger pet asked me recently. Beija is a Morkie (a cross being a Maltese and a Yorkshire) and she doesn’t know she’s small (she weighs about 5 lbs.). Her name means ‘kiss’ in Portuguese. My kids say I’m her emotional support animal. I haven’t registered myself yet. 🙂