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Multisensory learning: 6th grade science

Learning that involves many senses creates deeper connection to the content being learned. Seeing fire burn in real life, of turf we dug up, created a dramatic outdoor learning experience students will remember. During their Fire and Forests Unit in science,… Read More »

Seeing Through Christopher’s Eyes: Curious Incident Finals

English 9’s final assignment–equal parts project, presentation and reflection–was to peel off the many labels applied to Mark Haddon’s character, Christopher Boone, from his 2003 novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, and  reveal the underlying truths… Read More »

Shark Week!

Kirby 7th grade students are pictured with one of the products of their “shark week” unit;  persuasive letters to stakeholders including restaurateurs, governors, senators, and the POTUS–sharing the importance of sharks to our ecosystems and imploring better protection including legislation making… Read More »

Course Identification and Selection

A distinctive aspect of Kirby School is that we involve high school students in what electives are offered the following year. Students have a say–a tradition that enables us to offer highly individualized course schedules and stay connected to needs… Read More »

Ethics Bowl: Debate Competition

Kirby Ethics Bowl members debate contemporary ethics issues and attend adjudicated events where they compete against other high school teams from Northern California. We have sent a team to nationals twice in the last three years. Last year, Kirby School… Read More »

Using mixtapes to express individuality

By Alex Doble, Humanities Faculty Every college-bound high school student ultimately faces the challenge of writing a personal narrative. However, in a rapidly-evolving world of carefully curated social media personas, technology is constantly redefining the ways we share who we… Read More »

Full STEAM ahead: Learning by creating

“Education has very little to do with explanation, it has to do with engagement, with falling in love with the material.”                                      … Read More »

Kirby Student Art Exhibition at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium

Fifty-three Kirby high school students displayed artwork in the lobby of the Santa Cruz Civic through Sunday, January 29, 2017. The artwork was on exhibition for the Santa Cruz Symphony’s “Carnival of the Animals” family concert event, featuring special guest collaborations of… Read More »

Spotlight on Science 8: Sound Visualization

For a few minutes during a sound visualization activity last semester, Mr. Tropp’s Room 318 more closely resembled a wood shop than a traditional classroom. Using pine boards, saws, a screw gun, balsa dowels, hot glue, mirrors, and inexpensive speakers,… Read More »

Academic Dean, Christy Hutton, speaks at TEDxSantaCruz

Ideas Worth Sharing: Educators Matt Beaudreau and Christine Hutton By Cheri O’Neil, TEDxSantaCruz Collaboration is a buzzword that has surfaced in the question to answer the question, “What should our schools of the future look like?” But what if there was a… Read More »