Chinese New Year: the Year of the Dog

Happy Chinese New Year! We celebrate the Lunar New Year this week with a presentation at All School Meeting by student Yanwen Xu and a special feast prepared by Kirby chefs, Tracy Landry and Jaynell Aggrey. It is the Year… Read More »

The Ultimate Experience

Kirby School middle school, two time Division II California State Champions (2016 & 2017), begins its competitive season this March. Coaches Abby Christopher, Erik Perkins and Jackson Waite-Himmelwright are looking forward to another strong year of great sportsmanship, team growth,… Read More »

Alumni Reflections: The Hawleys

After 19 consecutive years at Kirby School, three of the Hawley sisters–Ava (Class of 2017), Natalie (Class of 2010), and Sandy (Class of 2006)–look back at their time at Kirby and share their thoughts on how it prepared them for… Read More »

A Competition of Wits: Ethics Bowl

Ethics Bowl is a debate forum that brings high school students together to discuss ethical questions in an adjudicated environment; a cognitively exhausting day-long collegial competition of wits before a panel of judges including UCSC faculty, local businesspersons, and public… Read More »

Leaving a Legacy to His Forever School

Eric Child (center, above) is revising his estate plan, making Kirby School a beneficiary of his trust, benefiting the financial aid program at Kirby School. “What Kirby does for a student lasts a lifetime; I wanted my legacy to do… Read More »

“You are the builders of your community.”

All School Meeting (ASM) is a weekly gathering of students and staff run by Kirby’s Student Council. It brings together our learning community for a half hour a week, to share, encourage, and celebrate. Often we reflect on current events,… Read More »

Kirby Chamber Singers offer Service in Song

Sitting attentively in her chair, a senior at the Elderday facility raises her arms, mirroring the conductor’s movements in readying the performers to begin; her gesture a statement of her presence in the moment. Music has a profound effect on… Read More »

Veterans Day: Celebrating Service in Our Community

Mo Moscovitz teaches American Sign Language at Kirby School and has been teaching ASL for almost 20 years–at Cabrillo College and CSU Monterey Bay, where he helped found the ASL program. He is a “native signer,” having been born to… Read More »

2017-2018 Intersession Program

Intersession is an important part of Kirby’s annual curriculum, providing all students with an opportunity to immerse themselves in an experience of broad educational value not possible in a traditional classroom. This year, students in all grades (including 6th-9th) will participate in… Read More »

Using mixtapes to express individuality

By Alex Doble, Humanities Faculty Every college-bound high school student ultimately faces the challenge of writing a personal narrative. However, in a rapidly-evolving world of carefully curated social media personas, technology is constantly redefining the ways we share who we… Read More »

Full STEAM ahead: Learning by creating

“Education has very little to do with explanation, it has to do with engagement, with falling in love with the material.”                                      … Read More »

Student voices rise to the challenge

“Lift every voice and sing,” wrote James Weldon Johnson nearly 120 years ago as a celebration song honoring Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Today, Kirby School Chamber Singers’ voices waft jubilantly through the halls of 425 Encinal Street as they rehearse their… Read More »