“Awesome” first day!

Nervous energy and excitement filled Kirby as students gathered in the lobby for the first day of school. The early minutes erupted with spontaneous hugs, impromptu reunions, and introductions as students collected their schedules, school maps, and locker assignments. Eager students explored the halls of Kirby, seeking lockers and reacquainting themselves with their school or getting to know it for the first time.

2017_First Day_2

At 8:30 a.m., faculty and students rejoined one another into the Great Hall for our first All School Meeting (ASM); weekly meetings run by Student Council.

2017_First Day_3

As Christy Hutton, Head of School, introduced Student Council President, Meiya Sparks, she welcomed students and offered reassurance to those experiencing first day jitters. We all get them!

2017_First Day_4

Kirby Student Council Cabinet members introduced themselves to the student body, welcoming news students and sharing memories of their own first days. One was about receiving a tardy after getting lost looking for a classroom (and why it’s better to ask for help). Another cabinet member shared an irrational fear of being eaten by upperclassmen, inciting laughter throughout the hall. Their messages of welcome, reassurance, and support resonated with students: we’ve all been there; seek help when needed, offer help when you see a need.

2017_First Day_5

Ms. Hutton then spoke about the importance of identity, for example being called the name you want to be known by, having your name pronounced correctly, or taking on or changing a nickname. She explained that teachers would invite students to share their preferences in each period of the first day. At the heart of this activity is Kirby’s commitment to creating an inclusive environment of mutual-respect.

We’re off to a great start. When asked how her first day was going, one student chirped, “Awesome!” And so begins what will be an excellent year!

2017_First Day_6