Arts / Dance

“Everything in the universe has rhythm. Everything dances.” - Maya Angelou

The Art of Dance

The Kirby Dance Program engages the student as an embodied mover, an artist and a scholar. The program is oriented towards offering dynamic dance training while fostering creative and critical thinking skills to inspire personal development and community enrichment. Performance opportunities prepare students for pre-professional and university level dance production and also serve as contexts to build confidence and cultivate a sense of belonging and shared accomplishment. At Kirby we believe in dance as a way to engage in cultural literacy, personal expression and community connection.

The dance program offers several classes to introduce students to dance techniques as well as dance as a social, historical and critical practice.  An additional elective Dance Company Program is designed to deepen their technical and creative skills. This program is centered around the Spring Student Dance Concert.

Dance faculty members and guest teachers are professional artists who’s experience in their field invigorates and connects the Kirby class room to the wider world of the performing arts.

Collaboration with other Kirby artistic and academic programs supports our integrated learning systems and honors the possibilities inherent in the cross pollination of ideas.