Alumnae Reflections: The Hawleys

After 19 consecutive years at Kirby School, three of the Hawley sisters–Ava (Class of 2017), Natalie (Class of 2010), and Sandy (Class of 2006)–look back at their time at Kirby and share their thoughts on how it prepared them for their future.

Sandy Hawley, MSN: Now a Nurse Practitioner in Acute Care, received her BA and Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) from UCLA, says, “I was lucky to have great teachers at Kirby and to be offered classes like Latin which proved useful to me in my chosen profession: medicine. I loved my teachers!” Sandy notes that her three best friends from Kirby are still her best friends today.

Natalie Hawley: Received her BA in Individualized Study from NYU and is currently working towards her Master of Social Work (MSW) says, “I appreciated that I was able to make my own path and schedule and blaze my own way. Independent study options were a terrific preparation for college.”

Ava Hawley: Currently a Freshman at CSU, Channel Islands, says, “From peer editing in college it is clear that I have an advantage over my classmates in writing and writing techniques. I also learned time management and other skills at Kirby that my classmates don’t have.”

Chuck Hawley, their father, said, “My daughters were well prepared for college with their Kirby School education. Teachers were inspirational and made students want to learn. All of my daughters became excellent writers through their tenure at Kirby.”

His recommendation for all students: take Applied Economics and get prepared for the real-world!