Kirby Alumni Network

The Kirby alumni network is a great way to keep in touch with your past while looking ahead to your future. Staying connected can help when you’re:

  • Looking for a job or internship
  • Traveling and need a place to stay
  • Interested in providing career guidance for current students

The Kirby Alumni Network is a great way to keep in touch with Kirby friends and receive invites to Kirby events, like your 5, 10, 15, or 20 year Kirby reunion!

Network with us. You never know which old friends you’re going to see or new friends you’re going to meet–or which doors those will open.

Please make sure we have your current contact information and don’t forget to “like” the Kirby Alumni Facebook page and join the LinkedIn Kirby Alumni Network Group. We’d love to hear from you! Stop by Kirby anytime!

Kirby Alumni Network

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Alumni Stories

Emmet Pinsky ’15
Neubauer Scholar and Phi Beta Kappa member.

Reuben Saunders ’11
Churchill Scholar, Hertz Fellow and PhD candidate at UCSF.

Josselyn Verutti ’17
Qualified for College Sailing Nationals.

Craig Petrocelli II ‘ 12
Arranger, composer, and entrepreneur.

Anika (Kuesters-Smith) Swenson ’10
Phi Beta Kappa member.

Maia Spencer ’08
Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Bryn Mawr.

Adria Le Boeuf ’00
Multi-disciplinary scientist in Switzerland.

Joe Smyth ’00
Reflections on his work at Greenpeace.

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Alumni Stories and More

Teyva Sammet ’11
Rubbing elbows with celebrity athletes.

Emma Gaudio ’05
Mastervoices in New York City.

Eliah Hecht ’02
Software engineer at Google.

Noam Almog ’03
Worked for NASA after college.

Ben Morse ’04
Founded Signal Laboratories.

Memorial Funds:

Connor Cockerham Memorial Fund

Paul Richards Memorial Fund

Update Contact Info

Please update your contact information so we can update you with alumni reunions, events and networking opportunites.
  • Graduate school? New baby? Awesome adventure? Please let us know so we can post an update on the Alumni webpage.
  • i.e. reunions, gatherings, networking, volunteering opportunities etc.