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“A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say.” ― Italo Calvino

Annual Online Buyback

Families who purchase textbooks and reading materials from our Virtual Bookstore may sell them back to eTECHcampus at the end of the school year to recoup some of their expenses.

eTECHcampus offers premium pricing for books that we anticipate using again next year, and even books that won’t be used again can be resold.

The buyback window for textbooks from the 2018-2019 school year is May 30th-June 30th. Questions about the buyback program can be addressed to Evelyn Brown.

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Purchasing Books

Families purchase student textbooks and reading materials prior to the start of school.  Books are sorted by department. Using your student’s schedule, access the Virtual Bookstore and select the books recommended for their classes. If you choose to purchase books before receiving your student’s final schedule in the mail, please be sure to leave them in their original packaging in case they need to be returned.

To purchase books, follow the Virtual Bookstore link below to visit Kirby’s virtual textbook store. Some classes may also have teacher-provided materials which will be discussed in the first days of class. Questions about purchasing school books can be addressed to Evelyn Brown.

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