Academics / Fitness Requirements

Our Fitness Program is designed to inspire a life-long commitment to health and well-being.

Middle School Fitness & Wellness

The Middle School Fitness and Wellness program is an integrated, developmentally appropriate introduction to fitness activities and wellness topics designed to inspire a life-long commitment to health and well-being.

Fitness class “rotations” include traditional group sports and games as well as alternative activities such as yoga, hiking, cooperative games, dance and more. All contribute to the goal of instilling team-building skills, good sportsmanship, and personal resiliency while heightening social and emotional learning and character development.

High School Fitness

The graduation requirement is a total of four semester credits of Fitness. Students satisfy this requirement by enrolling in Contract Fitness (see below) which requires participation on a sports team or other fitness activities for a minimum of 4 hours per week throughout the entire semester.

Contract Fitness

Students who wish to participate in the Contract Fitness program may appeal to the Athletic Director, Abby Christopher, at the beginning of the semester. Students can enroll in the Contract Fitness program as long as there is proper documentation of activity as well as designation of a specific coach or instructor. The student’s Fitness activity must include one or more of the four components of physical fitness: cardio-respiratory conditioning, muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility. Multiple activities may be combined to fulfill the minimum weekly requirement.

High School Sports Teams

Please refer to the schedule of sports offerings for this academic school year. All school athletic teams can be used to fulfill the Contract Fitness requirement.