Academics / Curriculum

Kirby offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum plus a rich array of electives.

Middle and high school education at Kirby is characterized by active, personalized learning that fosters curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. Small classes (averaging twelve students) provide flexible pacing and individual attention and afford teachers and students the opportunity to forge close working relationships. Teaching is vibrant, innovative, project-based, and student-centered.

We believe that creative expression is fundamental to the human experience and that work in the arts enhances learning in other areas. Visual and performing arts are an integral part of the academic curriculum, offering students the opportunity to broaden their horizons and gain new skills.

Learning goes beyond the classroom, engaging students’ natural enthusiasm and creativity. Creative writers share their poems, stories, and personal essays in Kirby’s student-run literary magazine, Interrobang. History students prepare professional research projects in the form of reports, documentaries, table-top exhibits, or dramatic performances to compete in National History Day. The study of sound involves producing music in Kirby’s recording studio. Students with computer technology expertise apply their skills to maintain Kirby’s network and our online interface. Art and music students perform in multiple school and community productions and competitions.

Curriculum Catalog

Kirby’s Curriculum Catalog answers many of the questions that you may have about the School and our innovative college preparatory curriculum. It provides details about distinctive features of a Kirby education, sample middle to high school course sequences, requirements for graduation, individual course descriptions (including AP courses), and information about the classroom and teaching environments. Hard copies of the catalog are available at Open Houses or can be mailed upon request.

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