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Information on our academic program, achievement and policies.

School Profile

Kirby students enter the finest colleges in the world and do exceptionally well on SAT and AP tests. Information about college matriculations, test scores, and high school graduation requirements and courses are included on the School Profile that is sent to colleges with student applications. The school profile includes information on the 2017-2018 school year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

From reporting an absence to building hours, here are answers to Kirby parents’ most frequently asked questions.


Guidelines for Staff/Student Interactions

We encourage a close, warm and considerate relationship between students and teachers. Our teachers serve as the students’ role models, guides, and mentors in learning as well as living. The purpose of these guidelines are to give clear direction regarding appropriate conduct and boundaries between staff and students. The expectations for conduct set forth in this document are not intended to serve as an exhaustive list of requirements, limitations, or prohibitions on staff conduct and activities established by the school.

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