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Collaboration among parents, faculty and students is fundamental to student success.

Parent Association


The PA’s purpose is to support the strategic and operational goals of Kirby School, to promote a sense of community among new and existing parents, to provide hospitality at School events, to assist in fundraising activities in cooperation with the Development Office and to facilitate communication between the School and parents. The PA creates and supports meaningful connections between and among parents, teachers, and students.

Contact Information

PA President:  Ed Landau

Grade Representatives

6th Grade:  Marisol Gomez / Fred Nielsen
7th Grade:  Stephanie Stack
8th Grade:  Sarah Wickens / Jackie Becker
9th Grade:  Cindy Estrada
10th Grade:  Anne Veis  / Sara Laurie
11th Grade:  Christy Brandt / Melanie Nazareth
12th Grade:  Jackie Becker


Newsletter Coordinator:  Open
Speaker Series:  Ashley Spencer
Mentor Group:  Evi Strauss and Sara Lively
Cafe Volunteer Coordinator:  Nora DiStefano
Performing Arts Boosters:  Donna Johansen

How to Get Involved

Join the parent-led Facebook Group. This group is intended to facilitate inter-parent communication. Need a carpool? Aware of a local event that would be interesting to other Kirby families? Need to coordinate or ask for volunteers. Post here.

Submit a piece to the PA Newsletter with this application form. The 2018-2019 parent association newsletter will consist mostly of family-generated content. Yes, that means us! If you have information to share or announcements that you think would benefit the Kirby parent/family community, we’d like to hear from you.

Want to volunteer? Please fill out the Parent Volunteer Sign-Up form to tell us a little more about what you want to do and when you are available. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can. Opportunities to help include:

Carpool Coordinator
Facebook Moderator
Parent Coffee Coordinator
Community-event Coordinator
Internship/Community Service Coordinator
Athletic Booster Club
Staff Appreciation Coordinator

Connect to the Parent Association and stay informed on the Kirby Parent Association Google Group. This list is used to help communicate PA meeting schedule, meeting notes, and facilitate general communication within the PA.

Frequently Asked Questions