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See our school through the experiences of those who know and love it best.

Short of attending Kirby School, the best way to understand what happens here is to see it through the eyes of the community. Students love the opportunities they’re offered; faculty love the chance to share their passions with engaged students; and parents love knowing that their children are energized by the environment and cared about by their teachers.

These are only a few of our stories, but together they illustrate the intellectual curiosity, the accepting community, and the dynamic interplay of students, teachers, and families that characterize what one student calls our “love of learning.”

The Stories

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    Laura Davis

    Parent Perspective
    "I value education."

    How her children were prepared for college at Kirby School.

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    Kirby's Mt. Bikers

    "We Play Hard"

    Kirby's Mountain Bikers bring in multiple individual and team awards each year. Check out their independent website:

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    6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Graders

    "Outdoor Ed Trips"

    The 6th-9th graders go on overnight outdoor education trips at the beginning of each school year to strengthen relationships and ties with nature.

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    Tovah Keynton

    Latin Teacher, Alumna
    "7th Grade Latin"

    All 7th graders take Latin to help with foundations in grammar and to prepare them for the high school language requirement at Kirby.

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    8th Grade
    "Robotics Unit"

    As a culminating unit for 8th Grade Physical Science students tap into the growing toolkit of physics, engineering, and math skills to build and program robots using the Lego Mindstorm system.

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    "Book Arts"

    Kirby's Book Arts facility is a unique gem within our visual arts department

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    Damara Ganley

    Dance Teacher
    "Professional Art Instructors"

    Dance teacher Damara Ganley performs professionally in San Francisco dance companies Bandaloop and the Joe Goode Performance Group

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    High School Student
    "State-of-the-Art Recording"

    What he loves about the best recording facilities available to student musicians.

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    Jess Wise


    Director and co-owner of Spinning Owls Productions. explains how Kirby prepared her for her career in film.

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    Middle School Student
    "It's the food"

    Why she loves the fresh and local foods prepared by the in-house chefs.

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    Enid Brock

    Kirby Parent
    "They're Completely Prepared"

    Why she chose to send her three daughters to Kirby, where they have received a rigorous, academic education.

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    Abby Christopher

    Director of Athletics
    “Competitive Sports”

    Her favorite part of Kirby’s sports program.

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    Amy Hemmert

    Kirby Parent
    "Love of Learning"

    Why her children, Dana and Brian, love attending Kirby School.

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    Middle School Student
    "Caring Teachers"

    How the teachers at Kirby make sure every student is heard.

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    Christy Hutton

    Head of School
    "Another Set of Eyes"

    The many ways Kirby watches over its students' academic performances. Christy Hutton, former Academic Counselor, current Head of School shares her perspective.

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    Josh Cottrell

    "It Definitely Paid Off"

    How the culture at Kirby prepared him for a career in bionics and business.

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    High School Student
    "The Teachers Know You"

    Analise explains how the personal attention she receives from her attentive art instructors has increased her love of art.

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    Oscar and Alecia

    Kirby Athletes
    "I Came Here to Win"

    Eighth grader Oscar and senior Alecia explain why they prefer sports at Kirby.