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Kirby is an independent, non-sectarian school serving 275 students in grades 6 through 12.

At a Glance

Independent college-preparatory day school
Co-educational and non-sectarian
Established in 1994


Total number of faculty: 45
Percentage of faculty with advanced degrees: 62% (8 Doctorates, 20 Masters)


Current enrollment: 273
Middle School (100), High School (173)
Students of color: 30%
Average Classroom Size: 12 students

Tuition for 2018–19

Grades 6-7 $27,500
Grades 8-12 $31,500
International Students: $38,000
Grants and tuition aid: $1,137,000 awarded to approximately 24% of our students (in ’16-’17)

Kirby is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and is a member of the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) and the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).

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Small is big

With an average of just 12 students in each classroom, our teachers have the time and focus to give your child personal attention. They know and appreciate every student, which makes a difference in practical ways:

  • Your child’s voice will always be heard and recognized in language practice and class discussions
  • They can pursue scientific research projects with a dedicated faculty mentor
  • Their English teacher can offer in-depth feedback on multiple drafts of a paper

But even in a small school, you can still expect a big range of options. To name a few, Kirby has 1 IT Team, 2 dance companies, 3 theater productions, 6 music ensembles, 12 high school fine art courses, 16 AP classes, and 20 sports teams.

And your student will have access to facilities that include middle and high school art studios, dance and recording studios, three computer labs, a kiln, darkroom, and a printing press.

The benefit of balance

We know that offering a healthy balance of rigorous academics, artistic expression, and participation in athletics is vital to your student’s development.

Parents of younger students find that learning in an integrated middle and high school campus opens up valuable academic opportunities. We’re able to challenge your student by placing them in math and language classes based on readiness, not just grade level. Once in high school, they can choose to specialize with a focused graduation path, or follow the general path, enriched with extensive electives and optional AP classes.

Within our academic program, the arts are supported as an equal partner with math, science and the humanities. So your student can weave music, visual arts, theater, and dance into a custom Kirby education.

And after school, sports take the field; over half of our students play on a Kirby sports team.

Here at Kirby, we believe in balance, not burnout.

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