Student Life / Clubs & Activities

Here is a link to current clubs for 2014-15


Students at Kirby always “dream big” and their imaginations are brought to life in countless activities and events. Some are just plain silly or fun. Some are educational. Some promote friendships and collaboration. Many contribute to our local or world community.

Students host movie nights, spirit days, and dances including a middle school formal and high school prom. They invite guest speakers. Any student can start a club—they range from the traditional to the obscure, the serious to the sublime. Over the years they have included Junior Statesmen of America, Games Club, the Gay/Straight Alliance, Environmental Club, Chess Club, Bridge Club, Baseball Club, Anime Club, Accelerated Math Circle, Ethics Bowl,  Surf Club, Golf Club, and Sailing Club. In any given year, there are over a dozen clubs to choose from.

Students in grades 6 through 12 who are elected to Student Council gain leadership, organizing and team-building skills and plan and coordinate weekly “All School Meetings.” This is where Kirby students, faculty and staff comes together as community. Musicians, dancers and actors perform on stage in a wide range of performances. Every student is given an opportunity to share their skills, talents, and energy as part of our vibrant community.