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Kirby Team Sports

We encourage all students to stay active and involved by playing on one of our athletic teams. With a wide variety of sports to choose from, more than half of our students find their place on a Kirby team. Kirby athletes are dedicated and competitive, participating in the Santa Cruz County Private School Association (SCCPSA) in middle school and the Mission Trails Athletic League (MTAL) division of the Central Coast Section (CCS) in high school.

Beyond helping students to stay fit and healthy, team sports teach students important interpersonal skills like leadership, cooperation, and teamwork. Also, being involved in an afterschool sport supports the development of time management skills. On average, middle school teams meet 2-3 times per week to practice or compete, and high school teams meet 3-5 times per week. This moderate commitment helps students learn how to balance academic, athletic, and personal responsibilities.

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Athletics in the Curriculum

Kirby’s athletics program is incorporated into the curriculum through our Middle School Fitness & Wellness and High School Fitness classes. The program is structured with the goal of creating healthy, active students and inspiring a life-long commitment to health and well-being.

The Middle School Fitness & Wellness program is an integrated, developmentally appropriate introduction to fitness activities and wellness topics. A holistic approach to fitness and wellness aids students in understanding the connections between mental and physical well-being, and is designed to teach students how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In our High School program, we’ve moved away from the generalized, one-size-fits-all P.E. class. Instead, high school students are required to participate in an athletic activity of their choice for the duration of an entire semester. This gives students the freedom to pursue their personal athletic instrests in hopes that it will continue on as a life-long interest in their own fitness, health, and well-being.

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