Academics / Textbooks & Summer Reading

“A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say.” ― Italo Calvino

2013 Summer Reading List

All students must complete reading assignments over the summer. Reading assignments are listed by course. Please note that some students will have more than one reading assignment.

Click here for a list of summer reading by subject and grade.

Purchasing Books

Families purchase student textbooks and reading materials prior to the start of school in the fall. Books for “core” courses such as history, science, math, and foreign languages may be purchased by finding the course and the student’s grade on the book list. It is sorted by department. If you choose to purchase books before receiving your student’s final schedule in the mail, please be sure to leave them in their original packaging in case they need to be returned.

2013-2014 Book List by Course Updated 8-16-13

Students may purchase books in several ways.

  1. Textbooks may be purchased through Follett’s website which is Kirby’s textbook supplier. Follett offers both new and, when available, used textbooks. Textbooks may be purchased elsewhere, providing the ISBN matches the Kirby listing. Delivery may take several weeks, so please plan accordingly. Click here to download a flyer with ordering information.
  2. Textbooks and novels may also be purchased from your favorite online or local bookstore. Please make sure to order the book by the ISBN number to guarantee that the right edition is purchased.
  3. Some classes may also have teacher-provided materials which will be sold at registration or the start of class.

Questions about purchasing school books can be addressed to Linda Sullivan at (831) 423-0658 x204.