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Audio Engineering Teacher

Job details:
Kirby is look for a qualified passionate instructor or instructors to teach a 2-semester class in audio recording and music production.  Qualified candidates will have knowledge and experience with basic recording techniques, including mixing, micing and gain structure and should be well versed in at least one digital audio workstation such as Pro Tools or Logic Audio.  Candidates should also have experience with samplers, synthesis and synthesis techniques.  Although not a requirement, preference will be made to candidates with knowledge of signal processing and the theory and technology of digital audio techniques such as spectral analysis, quantization and sampling.
– Job Requirements –
(R) – Requirements for recording position  (semester 1) if there are two instructors
(T) – Requirements for Music Technology (semester 2) if there are two instructors
Must Have
- (R) knowledge and experience with basic recording techniques
- (R) experience with Pro Tools, Logic audio or equivalent
- (T) experience with synthesis and synthesis techniques
- (R,T) basic knowledge of the principles of digital audio 
- (R,T) experience teaching the above
- (T) experience with midi and music programming languages such as max msp
- (T) programing experience ( python, javascript … ) 
- (T) knowledge basic signal processing
- (T) experience with Ableton Live

To apply, send a resume with a cover letter explaining your background and interest in working at Kirby School to employment@kirby.org.

General Inquiries

In keeping with the spirit of our namesake, Kirby is an intellectually stimulating and community-minded school that prepares students to be life-long learners through college and beyond. Our student body of 260 students, grades 6-12, is warm, enthusiastic, and academically oriented, and they often tell us their teachers are the best part of attending Kirby.

Our middle and high school curriculum is a rigorous, college prep program centered on strong academic coursework, including art, theater, digital media, chorus, and student publications. Our emphasis on progressive education includes intensive study paths in the humanities, foreign language, art, and science. Small individual classes averaging just twelve students provide faculty the opportunity to develop strong relationships with students, and ongoing curricular dialogs invite teachers to share research and ideas with colleagues.

If you have a passion for lifelong learning, an interest in encouraging students to take responsibility for their own education, and an openness to the rich, creative work of colleagues from widely different backgrounds, then please consider becoming a faculty member at Kirby.

To apply, send a resume with a cover letter explaining your background and interest in working at Kirby School to employment@kirby.org.

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